Who We Are

Stofnfiskur is one of the world’s leading companies in selective breeding and production of Atlantic salmon ova.


Every week of the year Stofnfiskur can deliver disease free, fast growing and robust salmon eggs worldwide to the fish farming industry.

Since 1989 the company has been improving production traits and survival in every generation through the company‘s extensive breeding program.

The broodstock is reared indoors in large land based farms.

Sea- and freshwater is pumped up from geothermal- and freshwater boreholes ensuring the best disease free environment for farmed fish in the world.

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The best, disease free environment for farmed fish in the world.

The main activities of the company are:

  • Salmon ova production
  • Fingerling production
  • Selective breeding of Atlantic salmon
  • Research and Development
  • Domestic and international consultancy


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"StofnFiskur employs skilled and motivated people with extensive experience in the aquaculture breeding and genetics field." Read more about our people


"StofnFiskur is proud of its history, a pioneer in Iceland that has become a global aquaculture brand" Read more about our history

Our Fish

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"Our fish stock is the result of selective breeding of multiple strains of Norwegian salmon. We have selectively bred 7 generations to produce a strain of fish with great nutrient uptake ability, low stress and high resistance to disease." Read more about our fish


"StofnFiskurs facilities are uniquely located to take advantage of natural features offered by the Icelandic environment" Read more about our locations


"StofnFiskur became part of Benchmark Holding plc in 2014, giving us access to an unparalleled resource for academic collaboration." Read more about our Benchmark Holdings
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