What We Do

Breeding for the future with genomic precision.


Every week of the year we can deliver disease free and robust salmon eggs worldwide to the fish farming industry.

We achieve the highest quality product for our customers through continuous research, selective breeding and the world’s best production facilities for Atlantic Salmon.

Breeding and Genetics

"The aim of our Breeding and Genetics programme is to provide our customers with the best product available; A fish with high ability to take up and use nutrition, strong immune system, high resistance to diseases and low stress level." Read more about Breeding and Genetics

Research and Development

"As a breeding and a genetics company we invest substantial of our operating income on research projects and developing projects with the aim of improving our product" Read more about Reserch and Development


"We constantly monitor our product performance, biosecurity and animal welfare. Our production facilities are the first to meet the OIE guidelines." Read more about Production
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