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Individual screening

Eggis In Hand

Upon request we can offer individual screenings of the parent broodfish of the shipped eggs. The screenings are done by independent officially certified laboratories.

Individual screenings can be done for IPNv, PD, ISAv and CMS and the bacterial disease (BKD). No Salmon virus diseases have ever been found at Stofnfiskur or in Iceland. 

Individual screenings need to be specifically requested when orders are made.

Official active surveillance

Stofnfiskur Ltd. has a very strict surveillance policy. The company is actively audited by both national and international Fish Health Authorities. 

To comply with the requirements of both our clients and their local authorities, as well as with Icelandic authorities, Stofnfiskur routinely performs individual screenings for a variety of fish pathogens such as: 

  • Infectious Salmon Anaemia Virus (ISAV)
  • Salmonid Alpha Virus (SAV)
  • Piscine Reovirus (PRV)
  • Piscine Myocarditis Virus/Totivirus (PCMV)
  • Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus (IPNV)
  • Infectious Haematopoietic Necrosis (IHN)
  • Viral Haemorrhagic Septicaemia (VHSV)
  • Bacterial Kidney Disease (BKD)

Samples are collected by Icelandic Official Fish Health Veterinarians and scientists under the supervision of the Official Veterinarians. All samples are sent for screening to either the National Reference Fish Health Laboratory at Keldur in Reykjavik or international accredited reference laboratories for all above mentioned diseases at FHS in the Faeroe Island, Norway or Denmark.

OVA 52

We can deliver Atlantic salmon ova 52 weeks a year!
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We can produce and deliver every week of the year because all off our fish are raised on land and in house. This gives us complete control of all environmental factors and guarantees spawning in every week of the year.

We are extremely proud of being the only company in the world that is able to ship eggs every week of the year.


Know your eggs and where they have been

According to Icelandic Legislation all eggs produced from the 1st of January 2015 for the Icelandic market have to be traceable back to clients. DNA samples are taken from all broodfish enabling us to trace every single individual back to its parent broodstock. In the case of escapes, this can be done on request for all customers. 

In addition to DNA traceability our production system is fully traceable; we can trace all batches back to their parents as eggs.


Stofnfiskur World Map

We operate under strict surveillance of the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authorities (MAST) who issue all our health certificates for export. We also have several officially certified management systems in place so importation of our products should be very easy. Today (2016) we successfully export salmon eggs to 20 different countries.

We provide all necessary documentation and certification needed for the importation of Atlantic salmon ova to anywhere in the world. This includes:

  • Veterinary Certification 
  • Movement and Health documentation
  • Production and Traceability information


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In Norway and in Chile we offer a full import and delivery service where we take care of all shipment details and paperwork. The boxes of salmon eggs are delivered hassle free to our customers’ hatchery sites, as easy as if they were supplied from one of the local production units.

In Norway we do this through our sister company, SalmoBreed; when SalmoBreed customers purchase eggs from StofnFiskur, SalmoBreed will be the responsible supplier and customer contact.

In Chile we do this through our daughter company, StofnFiskur Chile ltd. where our local employees will be the customer contact.

For other countries we provide as much support and help as needed from our offices in Iceland so deliveries will be as fast and easy as possible.

Getting the best start by incubating disease free eggs from us gives you the opportunity to concentrate solely on the well-being of the fish and optimizing it´s environment.



Our support does not end when the eggs are delivered. We keep in contact and follow up on the performance through hatching, start feeding and on-growing phases of the fish. In addition to being your support this feedback also helps us to improve future year classes and benchmark our stock between different environments.

A minimum sample of 0.1% of all shipments is kept in our incubation centre for monitoring until ready to start feed, these are called Control Groups. The data and results from our Control Groups helps us to identify any problems that arise with our customers. The accumulated results from our control groups for each stripping season is also our production performance measurement tool.

You can read more about our Control Groups here «link xxx ». 

Our sales and production team is available by phone or email any time to help you resolve any issues and/or questions that might arise. For more information on importing salmon eggs from us please contact us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

If you would like to know more about legislation for import of salmon eggs for Norway or Chile, here are some details:

Please contact us at if you have any questions or special enquiries.


Import permit 

The buyer of the eggs will need an import permit from the Norwegian Environment Agency, Miljødirektoratet. The application form is found at ”Elektronisk Søknadssenter” (Norwegian only). Your contact person will help you access and fill out the application.

EU notification

EU traces all livestock and certain animal food products being transferred between countries in the EU/EEC region. Eggs imported to Norway from Iceland has to be notified to the EU database TRACES (Trade and Export System). StofnFiskur will issue a TRACES certificate for each egg shipment. More information on Traces can be found with the Norwegian Food Authorities (Norwegian only). 

Notification to Norwegian authorities

Prior to shipment the Norwegian Food Authorities has to be notified through the electronic application centre MATS. Your contact will assist you. More information on the application to MATS is found at (Norwegian only).


When arriving in Norway the eggs have to be cleared through customs and taxes (MVA) have to be paid. This is handled by a Broker engaged by us. More information on import control at the Norwegian Customs web page.

For more information on importing our salmon eggs to Norway please contact us at «link» and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Elektronisk Søknadssenter:

Mattilsynet, TRACES

Mattilsynet, MATS



The Chilean government has a very strict internal sanitary policy in place regarding importation of overseas animals and plants in order to prevent diseases entering the country. In order to get an import permit a company must have implemented a sanitary and biosecurity system that fulfils all requirements of the OIE guidelines of compartmentalization and have a long recorded history of a disease free production. 

Stofnfiskur Biosecurity and Sanitary system was certified compliant with the OIE guidelines by the Icelandic Food and Veterinarian Authorities (MAST) in 2015 thus making all our salmon farms an officially approved compartment according to the OIE standard. After thorough audits and vast documentation reviews Serna Pesca, the Chilean Sanitary authorities approved MAST´s certification of the compartment early 2016.

Import permit

SernaPesca, the local Sanitary Authority for Fisheries and Aquaculture in Chile have listed on their webpage the countries and companies that are authorized to import. Today, only Stofnfiskur is authorized to import salmon eggs into Chile,

Stofnfiskur’s office in Chile will assist you in all details and can refer you to a professional custom agent recommended by Stofnfiskur that can take care of all administrative documentation. Importing Stofnfiskurs eggs is as easy as getting them from a local supplier.

For more information on importing Icelandic salmon eggs to Chile please contact us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Required documents and submission

The following documents need to be submitted to the Chilean Sanitary Authority, SernaPesca for importation of salmon eggs into Chile: 

  1. Signed Invoice and Air Way Bill (AWB) number, before 10 working days of the shipping date.
  2. Veterinary Certificate, Health and Movement Certificate and Screening Certificate from MAST, one week prior to the shipment.
  3. Product Information Report and other stock information produced by Stofnfiskur,     within the shipping week.
  4. Packing List as soon as the eggs are packed.
  5. Definitive AWB, as soon as the eggs are received at the Keflavík Airport and always    before 16:00 hours Chilean time one day before the eggs arrive into Chile.

Notification to Chilean Authorities

The custom agent hired by the customer is the responsible person for notifying the main office in Santiago of the Chilean Sanitary Authority, SernaPesca, with at least ten (10) working days prior to the egg shipping date, she or he needs to inform by email

  • The amount of eggs
  • Species
  • Origin
  • Destiny of the egg batch
  • Number of boxes
  • Flight route and airline
  • Signed Invoice and Air Way Bill (AWB) number (same as nr. 1 above) 

Seventy two (72) hours before the shipping date she or he needs to inform SERNAPESCA where the eggs are going to be received. The authority has to attend the fish farm during the egg reception to verify that the documents are coincident with the egg batch, and to check that the disinfection procedure is done according to the regulations.

Customs Clearance

The Custom Agent hired by the customer is in charge of presenting all the paperwork to the Custom Office at the Santiago International Airport. Furthermore, she or he is in charge of paying the taxes (VAT) prior to clearance of the eggs.

All costs involved are paid in advance by the customer to the Custom Agent.

After all the steps to import the eggs are done, the Custom Agent sends the eggs via air freight to their final destination, normally from the Ninth Region to further south of Chile.

During all egg receptions there is an employee from Stofnfiskur Chile present at the hatchery.

For more information on importing Icelandic salmon eggs please contact us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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