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StofnFiskur main production is eyed salmon eggs but as support we can also deliver salmon fingerlings and Lumpfish

Salmon Eggs


Product lines

Our products are the result of a comprehensive breeding program based on our clients’ challenges and opportunities. We focus on salmon eggs with properties like good growth, disease resistance and flesh quality. For customers with special requirements with regards to farming or process environments (organic, RAS, environmental licences) our product lines incude eggs adapted to these needs.

Our product portfolio has developed through the years based on R&D, feedback from our customers and the availability of the latest breeding and genetics methods.

We have four (4) different product lines:

Products 03

Product portfolio


In our product OPTIMAL, growth in sea is the single most important production trait.


Modern genomics has led to a break-trough of new products during the past 5 years. Genomic selection and QTL has been used to discover genetic variances that enable us to select for traits for disease and parasite resistance with a much higher precision than before. Products belonging to our GENOMIC range are:

GS - LICE (2017)

Products including two or more of the GENOMIC traits are named:

  • DUO (two traits, f.ex IPN and LICE)
  • TRIO (three traits, f.ex IPN, PD and LICE)


Our customers have different needs and that is reflected in our product portfolio. Respecting differences in farming technologies, RAS systems and environmental requirements linked to licenses. StofnFiskur can supply all of the following products throughout the year.

The products are not a part of our standard assortment. To be able to guarantee delivery, the orders must be placed several months ahead, depending on the specific product. For more information, please contact our sales team

LAND BASED FARMING - LBF To meet the requirements of the growing land based salmon industry worldwide, StofnFiskur has developed a product where the basis of selection for brood fish are based on traits giving late maturation and improved harvest quality. The product is named LBF to reflect its target customer group.

  • Brochure on Land based farming in English
  • Brochure on Land based farming in Chinese

ALL-FEMALE OVA The main advantage of this product is eliminating production setbacks arising from early maturation of males. An ideal solution for farmers having the entire production process from ova to harvest in land based RAS-plants that have higher breeding temperatures than 15°C. With this product our customers are only receiving female eggs.

TRIPLOID OVA Sterile salmon has been recognized as one of the solutions to the environmental challenge of escapees. In Norway, specific licenses are dedicated for farming of sterile salmon – so called green concessions. Through many years of R&D StofnFiskur has developed a secure method for triploidization of salmon ova. By using high pressure in combination with specific temperature levels, the fertilized ova get three pairs of chromosomes instead of the natural two, producing salmon that are unable to reproduce.

ORGANIC OVA At StofnFiskur’s land based production sites, we are in total control of the process – from brood fish to fertilized eye ova. In other words, an ideal setup for organic production, where specific protocols and requirements are to be applied in order to comply with the organic standards.

TAILOR MADE Some customers ask for specific weightings of traits that are not included in our standard product lines. We meet their demands with our Tailor Made product, letting the customer define the balance of the traits to suit their production challenges and opportunities.


Since the 2015/2016 season, we have been able to offer a new product, CrossBREED, using eggs from the StofnFiskur strain, fertilized by milt from males of the SalmoBreed strain. By using modern freezing technology, we are able to freeze and store milt from SalmoBreed which makes CrossBreed available in the off-season. This product can be delivered as OPTIMAL or as GENOMIC, depending on the needs or the customer.

Combining many genomic traits is a challenging task, as the individual brood fish with the particular combinations are getting fewer in number the more traits we are adding on. The more complex a product gets, the more difficult it is to guarantee deliveries at any time and quantity of the product. This is unfortunately the nature of selective breeding.

Salmon Fingerlings


Stofnfiskur produces salmon fingerlings up to 5 grams on contract bases.

Please ask for availability on



A friend in need is a friend indeed

The Lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) has the useful property of feeding itself on the parasite that causes most of the current problems for the salmon industry – sea lice. Living in a friendly symbiosis along with the salmon in the sea cages, this cleaner fish has become worth its weight in gold to salmon farmers.

In the spring of 2014 we started commercial production of Lumpfish fingerlings at StofnFiskur. Based on our previous experience in marine species, the farming of lumpfish has been successful, delivering 2 Million juveniles in the first year of operation. Our lumpfish have proven to be robust, having high tolerance for variable farming temperatures, high survival rates and excellent appetite for sea lice.

Production is carried out at StofnFiskurs dedicated lumpfish farm in Hafnir on the western Reykjanes peninsula of Iceland. The farm was initially constructed for the farming of Atlantic cod. During the past two years, the site has been rebuilt, modified and adapted to the needs of a lumpfish hatchery.

The transportation of lumpfish fingerlings from Iceland is carried out using specially designed marine shipping containers. For smaller batches airfreight is the recommended means of transport. To eliminate the risk of infectious diseases, wild broodstock is caught at sea and held in the quarantine station at Sandgerði, Reykjanes where the brood fish are individually screened for infectious bacteria and viruses before the eggs are taken into our farm in Hafnir.

We are able to offer lumpfish to our UK customers from Benchmark’s two farming operations in Scotland.

Our short term goal is to deliver lumpfish fingerlings every week of the year to customers in the UK and the Faroe Islands. For the future, we are setting up a selective breeding program with the aim of developing a strain of lumpfish that is more resistant to disease, and better at cleaning lice.

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