We have multiple systems in place to protect our product and monitor its performance.


We closely monitor and analyse our product from incubation until the fry is ready to be start fed.

Data is recorded and analysed from sample groups and cumulative data from each stripping season gives us an estimate on the performance of our eggs and if they meet our quality goals. The results are also taken straight into our breeding program and production processes.

Our quality goal is that 97,5% of each shipment will be healthy fry ready to start feed.

Control Groups

*Results from stripping season 16-1 are not final



We at StofnFiskur are extremely proud of our unique facilities and the perfect location of our farms here in Iceland. 

Our land based farms are supplied with unpolluted sea- and freshwater from boreholes that is naturally filtered through porous lava. 

This provides us the best disease free environment for farmed fish in the world. Farming in such optimal conditions means we can produce and deliver disease free, robust and fast growing Atlantic salmon ova every week of the year.

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Best environment for farmed fish in the world

Biosecurity is a very important part of our company culture, the prevention and protection of our fish from infectious disease agents is a main focus point for us. We place great emphasis on minimizing the risks of infection with strict preventative measures selected after extensive risk analysis that are constantly being reviewed.

In 2015 Stofnfiskur’s biosecurity system was taken to another level with compartmentalization according to guidelines from the OIE (World Organization for Animal Health). Our implemented compartment is officially recognized by the Icelandic Food and veterinarian authorities (MAST) and the Chilean Fisheries and Aquaculture Authorities, Sernapesca.

Disease free

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Our compartment is recognized to be free of: ISAV, SAV, IPNV, VHSV, IHNV, PMVC and BKD and the biosecurity system in place is recognized to minimize the risk of these harmful agents entering our sites.

We are the first salmon egg producer to implement a compartment according to the guidelines of the OIE and currently the only company in the world with legal authorization to export Atlantic Salmon eggs to Chile.

Animal welfare

To ensure the well-being of our stock all employees are specially trained to handle the fish as gently and humanely as possible at all stages of production. Low density rearing in land based tanks with naturally lava filtered water from boreholes ensures a disease and lice free environment ensuring optimal rearing conditions for a stress free lifecycle.

As a part of our commitment to animal welfare all of Stofnfiskur’s employees receive yearly lectures on animal welfare, biosecurity and infectious diseases held by the veterinary officer for fish diseases.

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