Theódór Kristjánsson

Research manager - Hafnarfjörður

Theódór has over twenty years experience working in aquaculture and research. He has been involved in multiple research projects in aquaculture, both commercial and academic, while also trying his hand at teaching, spreading his knowledge alongside scientific work.

Today as our head of breeding and genetics Theódór is responsible for the management and success of our breeding program. He works closely with our research team in implementing the most up to date scientific methods in our breeding protocols to ensure that our stock shows great breeding progress every generation.

Theódór likes to spend his spare time throwing people around the Dojo honing his brown belt skills in Judo, not only is he a practitioner of the sport but also serves as a Judo Referee.

Academic History

  • PhD. in animal breeding
  • M.Sc. Biology
  • Quantitative Genetics and Genome Analysis.
  • BSc. Biology
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