Sölvi Sturluson Snæfeld

Production manager - Lumpfish

You could say Sölvi is a lifer in the industry as he grew up on a farm that included a salmon hatchery. For the last twenty plus years Sölvi has worked with a variety of species including most of the commercial salmon-ids as well as Red Abalone, Cod and various aquarium fishes.

After joining StofnFiskur in XXX Sölvi has held positions of station manger, hatchery manager and production manager.

In 2014 Sölvi took over as a production manager of our then brand new lumpfish production. In this role he is responsible for the production and delivery of lumpfish eggs and juveniles to the aquaculture industry. He also works closely with others collaborators in the Benchmark group (FAI) in developing our lumpfish program.

Sölvi is an enthusiastic about all kinds of rod fishing and can usually be found in or around promising fishing grounds trying to catch the big one.

Contact information:
Tel: +354 693 6310

Academic History

  • Aquaculturist
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