Eduardo Rodriguez

Head of Functional Genomics

Eduardo has over 20 years of experience in molecular biology. After receiving his PhD. from the University of Lund in 1998, he moved to Iceland in 1999 to work for industry leading genomic company, deCode. In 2002 he jumped over the Atlantic ocean for a 3 year period working with Danish proteomics company ACE bioscience. He returned to Iceland in 2005 to join the Institute of Biology at the University of Iceland. Eduardo then joined the StofnFiskur team in 2008. 

As Head of Functional Genomics Eduardo is responsible for a myriad of projects such as SNP genotyping, triploid analyses, innate immunity and natural robustness research along with viral and bacterial screenings.  

Eduardo is not only skilled at the lab but he is also a Taekwondo Master with a fifth degree black belt. He has done his share of teaching Taekwondo both as coach of the Icelandic national team and for local clubs. Eduardo is also an avid diver and is a certified SCUBA rescue diver

Academic History

  • PhD. in Virion- and VAP receptor recognition
  • B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
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