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Andrew Cree Preston

Global Technical Manager for RAS, Benchmark Genetics

Andrew Cree Preston joined Benchmark Genetics as Global RAS Technical Manager in Aprile 2021.

Preston, former Head of Aquaculture production and Operations at Aquamoaf Aquaculture Business, is one of the world’s most prominent experts within RAS-production of Atlantic salmon. In his new position, he will dedicate his time to customer service and sharing his operational, academic, and technical skills and experiences to help the customers succeed and reach their production targets.

Andrew Cree Preston has considerable experience in aquaculture from a commercial farming perspective and in academic research. His expertise comprises numerous aquatic species, including Atlantic salmon, Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Atlantic cod, and Ballan wrasse. During his academic career, he was involved in research projects with leading global aquaculture, nutrition, and pharmaceutical companies. He has accumulated extensive experience in R&D within aquaculture, functioning as Study Director and Principal Investigator for regulatory studies (GLPGCP).

Preston holds a Ph.D. in Aquaculture from the Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling, Scotland. He has had several researcher positions, including a Postdoctoral at the University of Stirling following his Ph.D.

Before joining Benchmark, Andrew has been employed by Aquamoaf Aquaculture Technologies from 2017 until the present. His role in the company has been multifaceted but not limited to leading research and development, heading the development of aquaculture production and operations, leading knowledge transfer, managing lean and process refinement, and more.

Contact information:

Tel: +447741986085

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