StofnFiskur offers unique career opportunities for skilled and motivated people with interest in working in the fast growing sector of applied aquaculture.

Benchmark Genetics

Benchmark Genetics is a global leader in aquaculture breeding and genetics and our mission is to drive sustainability in aquaculture. We do this by improving yield, quality, health and welfare.

We are a major provider of high performing stocks of Atlantic salmon, marine shrimp (L. vannamei), and Nile tilapia; and have extensive experience in applied breeding programs for 18 species across all major aquaculture producing countries. Benchmark Genetics also supply advanced technical genetic and support services to applied breeding programs operated by third parties.

Our subsidiaries include Benchmark Genetics Norway (formerly SalmoBreed and Akvaforsk Genetics Center), Stofnfiskur HF Iceland, Benchmark Genetics Chile, Benchmark Genetics Colombia, and Benchmark Genetics USA.

Benchmark Genetics is part of Benchmark plc, a leading aquaculture biotechnology company. Benchmark develops products and solutions in genetics, health and advanced nutrition to enable food producers to improve their sustainability and profitability.


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