Benchmark Breeding & Genetics

Benchmark is a pioneering innovation company operating in the aquaculture, agriculture and animal health sectors.

About Benchmark Breeding & Genetics

StofnFiskur has been part of the Breeding & Genetics Division of Benchmark Holdings plc since 2015.

The division runs advanced breeding programs for Atlantic salmon and Nile tilapia, and in addition provides extensive technical services to a number similar programs covering all major farmed aquaculture species through Akvaforsk Genetics.

We work continuously on genetic improvements to support the sustainability efforts of the aquaculture industry.


We work in tight collaboration with our sister company SalmoBreed AS in Norway on genetics, production, sales and logistics. Our ability to deliver eggs outside the natural salmon breeding season has led to new opportunities for product development. In 2015, we launched the product CrossBreed using off-season eggs from Iceland, fertilized with frozen milt from the SalmoBreed strain in Norway. This product was a great success in the Norwegian market the first year of its launch, and we are continuously working together on improving the methods and capacities in order to meet future demand.

The two companies also share knowledge and expertise on genetics and customer needs, resulting in StofnFiskur implementing Genomic Selection on important health related traits from the 2016 season.

SalmoBreed sells and distributing eggs from Iceland to the Norwegian market, including our special products Organic, Triploid and All-female eggs.

Akvaforsk Genetics

Our link with Akvaforsk Genetics, a world leading specialist in technical genetics services, brings a larger scientific environment to our in-house geneticists and researchers. By sharing the latest knowledge and expertise within the division, we are building a strong platform for future genetic improvements and breakthroughs in product developments. This is an important advantage, giving our customers access to the newest and most advanced products available in the market.  

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Our large team of geneticists and researchers in Benchmark Breeding & Genetics, gathered in Sunndalsøra in August 2016

Spring Genetics

Our sister company in Miami, Spring Genetics, is a leading breeding company for Nile Tilapia with operations in the US and Latin America. We are currently collaborating with Spring mainly on the sharing of resources for marketing and market information. Tilapia being the fastest growing species for aquaculture in the world, brings many future opportunities for further sharing of knowledge and experiences across the division.

Spring Fry

Tilapia fry from Spring Genetics

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The Benchmark Breeding & Genetics Division has increased the effectiveness of our work together.

Becoming a member of Benchmark group has furthered increased StofnFiskur’s capacity to serve aquaculture industries worldwide to the highest standards. 

Through Benchmark we work closely with a large team of highly qualified experts within other key areas for development of sustainable productions, including Animal health and Advanced nutrition. This provides a unique opportunity to work on holistic solutions for solving the challenges ahead for the aquaculture industries.

About Benchmark Holdings plc

Benchmark is a pioneering innovation company operating in the aquaculture, agriculture and animal health sectors. Benchmark’s purpose is to set a new benchmark for sustainable living, starting with food production.

Benchmark’s ability to innovate, develop and successfully drive progress is defined by the skill, experience and commitment of it’s people and by world-leading research, operational and manufacturing capabilities.

Benchmark Holdings plc operates five divisions that effectively bring together knowledge of breeding and genetics, vaccines, health products, veterinary science, farming and husbandry.

This allows us to offer end-to-end solutions that would be impossible without this company wide collaboration. Our knowledge and innovation is anchored in practical, grounded experience. We aim to identify the best and the most effective solutions to solving our customers’ problems.

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