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New stripping and harvesting building in Vogar

This morning the team at Vogar broodstock farm started using the new stripping and harvesting building in Vogar. The building is fantastic and takes us into a new era in working conditions and aids us in keeping us up to date all regulations needed. Last year we have to follow new regulations saying that we need to disinfect all blood water from our broodstock and harvesting of our famed fish. Secondly we are getting much stricter rules on hygiene in our harvest building for fish used for human consumption.

Around 30 kilometers from Reykjavik, you will find the small town – Vogar, where the Benchmark-owned Stofnfiskur has largest brood stockfarm for Atlantic salmon, called Vogavík. Vogavík is Stofnfiskur’s largest land-based, brood stock farm for Atlantic salmon.

We bought the farm in 2004 as the first step in an expansion plan to secure an every week availability of newly stripped salmon eggs for our customer.

In Vogavík we have 11 employees. All tanks are specially designed for brood stock farming and are in-door and on land. The farm has a production capacity of about 110 million eyed ova each year.

"​​ Well done everybody and please keep up the good work! - Jónas Jónasson, CEO StofnFiskur and Production Director of Benchmark Genetics"
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