Lumpfish from Iceland is a success

​HAFNIR, ISLAND: Every week it 1-2 containers with lumpfish from Iceland to breeders in the Faroe Islands. According to the farmers, this has contributed directly to fewer delousing

HAFNIR, ISLAND: Every week 1-2 containers with lumpfish leave from Iceland to farmers in the Faroe Islands. According to the farmers, this has contributed directly to keep sea lice level low.

In total StofnFiskur produced 1.5 million 20 - 25 gram fish in 2016, in addition both eggs and fry ready for start feeding were sent to Shetland and Scotland.

Production at a construction site

With strong demand for lumpfish Stofnfiskur found the need to expand its facility in Hafnir, just southwest of Keflavik Airport. From current production of 1.5 million Stofnfiskur will already in 2017 be able to produce 2 million fish as well as eggs and start feeding fry. It has been a challenging year for operations manager Sölvi Sturluson and his eight colleagues.

-We have been in full production at the same time as the plant has been rebuilt. There have been periods where we didn´t have roof over some of the production halls and we have been forced to improvise every day to keep the production running.

All fish are vaccinated

All fish ready for sea transfer are vaccinated against vibriosis and atypical furunculosis. The fish have to be vaccinated at a precise place under the sucking fin to avoid damaging the fish. Manual vaccination done by the plant employees has so far proved to be a good method.

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In total Stofnfiskur produced 1.5 million fish of 20-25 grams in 2016, and in addition sent both eggs and start feeding fry to Shetland and Scotland

Short production time and high biosecurity

Using geothermal heat, high quality water and stable environmental conditions Stofnfiskur produce fish ready for sea transfer in 7 months. With fish that spawn through 9 months of the year, and the ability to control hatching by cooling the egg, Stofnfiskur is able to deliver lumpfish throughout the year, as they do with salmon ova.

The first egg batches incubated in August 2014 were from broodstock of wild-caught fish. Later milk from self-produced males has fertilized eggs from wild-caught females. Sölvi expects to have broodstock of both sexes from own production shortly:

-That enables us to work in the same, high biosecurity standard as with our production of salmon eggs and gives us the opportunity to light manipulate broodstock for spawning throughout the year.

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Lumpfish has been a great success for Stofnfiskur, manufacturing plant in Hafnir expanded to meet demand.

Good results in the Faroe Islands

Today is all fish produced is sold to the Faroe Islands. Both Bakkafrost, LUNA and Marine Harvest are on customer list. Lumpfish having an effect on the lice situation is confirmed by Fiskaaling, which are responsibility for sea lice counting in the entire Faroe Islands, as well as a monitoring program for lumpfish.

-The effect in plants using lumpfish as part of delousing is obvious. It has led to a number of farms choosing to invest in lumpfish increases continuously, says Kristin Eliasen, coordinator Fiskaaling.

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