Large increase in sales for StofnFiskur

Reykjavik: For 2017, the import of salmon eggs to Chile has increased with more than 55 %. Also, sales to Norway shows impressing figures; YTD sales are 30 % up compared to 2016.

StofnFiskur has long traditions on exporting salmon eggs, having produced for 22 different countries since the company was founded in 1991. All production is land based, and all water used is pumped from 200 meters deep drilling boreholes. It has been naturally filtered by lava for thousands of years, and has not been in contact with wild fish.

 Selected eggs for Chile
IPN, Infectious Pancreas Necrosis, and SRS, Salmon Rickettsial Syndrome (Piscirickettsiosis), are two of the viruses causing the largest production losses in Chile. StofnFiskur are producing eggs using brood fish genetically selected for their high resistance towards these diseases.

-We are selecting brood fish with the optimal traits for our production aimed for the Chilean marked, says CEO Jonas Jonasson of StofnFiskur. The duo product GS IPN+SRS has become very popular among Chilean fish farmers.

IPN selection
IPN is causing losses both in freshwater phase and after sea transfer. It is not only in Chile the farming industry is challenged by this virus; some years ago, IPN outbreaks caused high losses in Norway (figure 1). It is well recognized that the significant reduction in outbreaks is directly caused by the genetically selected eggs resistant to IPNV. Using eggs with the correct QTL (Quantitiative Trait Locus) for IPN will reduce the risk for clinical IPN with at least 80 %. 


FIGURE 1 Registered outbreaks of IPN in Norwegian fishfarms. QTL IPN was introduced in 2011 

World class bio security
-Using the natural advantages of filtered ground water sources gives us a huge advantage for producing with the highest levels of biosecurity. Our facilities have been audited by OIE and are approved as ISA compartment; our fish is free from clinical ISA virus and since our farming environment is separate from wild fish, there are no risk of virus being transmitted to the fish, says Jonasson.

Being the only breeding company licensed to import Salmon eggs to Chile, StofnFiskur feels a responsibility towards the Chilean farmers.

-Delivering eggs every week, also during the off season for ova production in Chile, the farmers are depending on StofnFiskur to supply a high-quality product all year round, claims Jonasson, confident the company will be the preferred supplier of the new customers also in the future. 

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