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Fishing and high spirits in Iceland

- It as a great trip and a fun experience

Island: It was a great trip and a fun experience, says Kenneth Karlsen in Akvafarm AS after the fishing trip with Stofnfiskur and SalmoBreed. Iceland is an interesting country to visit, the scenery is very special.

Kenneth won this summer’s fishing contest with Benchmark Breeding and Genetics and was rewarded two days’ fish in river Kjarra located a few hours’ drive east of Reykjavik. During three periods of fishing Kenneth landed two nice salmons.

Kjarra is not of the biggest river but it is known to produce quite a lot of fish. The group from SalmoBreed and Stofnfiskur had access to three different zones in the river, and Kenneth got to try all three.

-We saw a lot of fish, and we got a lot of fish. The food was nice and the atmosphere was very good so this was a great experience, says SalmoBreeds Thoralf Solberg who also attended.

The first bite
-In the first fishing period they saw a lot of fish, according to Thoralf, but it would not bite.

-We were fishing in the middle part of the river and the guide showed us several good fishing spots. Unfortunately, we had no luck.

However, towards the end of the period this changed for Kenneth. In one of the last fishing spots he tried, a nice 78,5 cm salmon at 78.5 cm took on his fly.

Kenneth I Elva

Several fish in the upper zone
In the lower part of the river little fish was caught, but when the fishermen moved to the upper zone in the last fishing period outcome was good. Both Kenneth and others got some nice salmon, Kenneth landed a fish well over 50 cm.

More fish than in Senja
Although there was little water in the river, there were more fish than Kenneth is used to at home in Senja. The group stayed in a lodge; a large cottage with several bedrooms and cooks who served all meals.

-Fishing with a guide was very helpful, he said. We were a nice mix of people from several countries, the atmosphere during the stay was very good.

Also CEO Jonas Jonasson from Stofnfiskur is pleased with this year’s trip. Salmon fishing is a tradition in Stofnfiskur, and as the company has become part of Benchmark Breeding and Genetics his duties as a local and host become is even more exciting.

-I think everyone who participated was pleased with the stay, says Jonas, adding: now it is time to start planning next year’s trip!

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