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Benchmark Holdings plc has entered into a long term agreement with SalMar ASA

The agreement includes genetics, health and knowledge services to the SalMar group

Benchmark announces today, Tuesday 7th of March 2017, that it has signed a long-term agreement with SalMar ASA (“SalMar”) to provide genetics, health and knowledge services to the company. The full suite of services the Company is providing illustrates Benchmark’s leading position in the market, as well as its ability to offer a wide spread of products and solutions across the salmon’s life cycle. SalMar is one of world’s leading salmon producers.

Benchmark will, through it’s subsidiary SalmoBreed AS, form a 50/50 joint venture for the production of SalMar’s salmon strain, Rauma. This joint venture to be called ‘SalMar Genetic AS’,  will be formed by a demerger of SalMar’s salmon production facility in Reistad, Norway. Benchmark will take full responsibility for managing the breeding programme through its subsidiary Akvaforsk Genetics Center AS.

The agreement also includes sales of eggs from Benchmark’s land based sites in Iceland and once commissioned from its Salten site in  Norway. The Benchmark group will also provide fish health services, diagnostics, and health products. 

In the picture from left:

Trond Tuvstein, CFO SalMar ASA
Olav-Andreas Ervik, Director Farming SalMar ASA
Jan-Emil Johannessen, CEO SalmoBreed AS
Håvard Bakke, Business Development Director SalmoBreed AS
Bård Skjelstad, Head of Biology and Nutrition, SalMar ASA

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