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Benchmark Genetics hosts webinar series of groundbreaking research results

Benchmark Genetics launches webinar series of groundbreaking research results and specific best practice tips. The webinars will be held in Norwegian. Commercial Director Geir Olav Melingen will lead the webinars. Join one of our webinars - participation at the event is free of charge, but registration is compulsory.

As a result of the corona pandemic, all major conferences in the seafood industry have been postponed - some indefinitely. While this is a difficult situation, it does open new opportunities to share our knowledge and forge links across other platforms.

Commencing in May, Benchmark Genetics invites you to join us in a series of short webinars. Here, the latest research results will be presented directly from our company’s own genetics experts, including the latest news linked to the discovery of a new virulent strain of IPN virus and its genetic consequences; news that can have major consequences for the industry if measures are not implemented.

During webinars we will address best practices for the ova and hatchery phase; focusing on how producers can work to optimize operations for a more sustainable future.

The last webinar will focus in the future of salmon genetics. We will have contributions from several leading researchers and experts who are well known for their novel and innovative approaches to industry challenges.
We plan to hold each webinar for 1.5 hours, they will consist of concentrated presentations where it will be possible to ask questions directly to our geneticists, professionals, and external speakers, says commercial director at Benchmark Genetics, Geir Olav Melingen.

He promises an exciting and useful program that will be rewarding for a wide audience. First and foremost, we are committed to sharing information that can help strengthen the fish health and profitability of our customers, says Melingen. The program is clear, and the topics will alternate between specific product news, the latest news from the genetics front and the best advice when it comes to ova and sustainable farming.

"We systematically collect data from our customers and give back by sharing best practice. It is in everyones interest that we work together to achieve the best possible results. Therefore, the company has also invited customers to share their experiences." Geir Olav Melingen, Commercial Director of Benchmark Genetics

We have great faith in this way of strengthening the customer dialogue,” adds Melingen, who does not ignore that the practice will continue even after COVID-19. Webinars can never replace the big conferences where we meet our customers face to face, he admits. But he believes that enhanced digital dialogue can be a good alternative in times when you do not have the opportunity to meet.

The webinar series will take place on May 27, June 3 and June 24, and the themes will include:

  • Latest news about the genetic consequences of finding a new and virulent IPN strain.
  • Tracing escaped salmon in a cost-effective way.
  • Latest news about genetics around disease resistance.
  • Can we wipe out lice with genetics as our only tool?
  • Improved fillet quality when using CT scan.
  • Specially adapted genetics for RAS plants.
  • Best practices for a more sustainable operation.
  • Is “elite males” the future of salmon breeding?

For more information and to register, please see…

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