And the winners are.....

BERGEN: Our fishing and photo competitions are closed. The largest fish was caught in Norway while the best picture is from Shetland

Launching the BBG fly in June, StofnFiskur and SalmoBreed announced a fishing competition with two days of fishing in Iceland as reward for the winner. The fly is designed by Jonas Jonasson, CEO of StofnFiskur, and his co-worker Robert, both passionate fly binders and fishermen.

-The fish where desperate for the fly

Rolf Inge Nesjan at VESO in Namsos have been using the flies all summer and tried it in several rivers in Trøndelag, Norway.

-In the river Bogna in Namsos the salmon was desperate for the fly! Within five minutes I had my day quota of two salmon, he reported in mid-July. He landed two nice fish of 0,6 and 0,7 kg. A few days later a 1,2 kg salmon gave in to the BBG fly in the same river.

And the winner is….

Rolf Inge also caught the largest fish of the summer, a 79 cm and 5,5 kg salmon from river Sandøla in Grong, Norway. This makes him the winner of two days fishing in Iceland with Jonas as his guide. But, Rolf Inge is also an eager hunter and for week 35 his plans are already made up.

-Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the fishing trip. We are a group of friends that will go moose hunting and I cannot cancel and let them down.

Second runner up

This open up the chance for another competitor; Kenneth Karlsen at Akvafarm. He has been fishing in the river Lyselva at Senja in Troms, Norway.

-I am very much looking forward to the trip, says Kenneth. He will be fishing in the river Kjarra, two hours driving northwest of Reykjavik.

-This is a nice river to fish in, Jonas promises. It carries fish up to 10 kg, 100 cm long.  Our guest has something to look forward to!


The best picture was taken in Shetland

In addition to our fishing competition we have hosted a photo competition, “Me and my salmon”. The winning picture was taken in Shetland by Angus Meudell of Cooke Aquaculture Scotland. Angus got an otter enjoying a nice salmon meal on camera. He will receive a Canon EOS 700D camera to enjoy for future photo shoots.

Also Børge Andreassen at Salten Smolt AS will have a price for his picture of his sashimi salad, as will Astrid Elin Vågen Tveit who sent us a creative drawing from Bolaks Nystølvågen.

Thank you to all who participated, and congratulations to the winners! Our pages at Instagram and Facebook will stay. We would love to see pictures when you are using the BBG fly, even if the competition is closed

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